My name is Bastien Siebman, I am a French engineer who went all-in on Asana a few years ago and decided to manage all aspects of my life with this great tool. I created many services, wrote two books about Asana and created an Asana incubator to foster innovation. I am also an Asana Certified Pro and one of the most active member on the official community.

Consulting & Training

I can provide training to help individuals and small teams use Asana. Contact me to discuss the details.


Pre-built templates for Asana
Templana is a collection of pre-built templates for Asana. A template is a set of projects, headings, tasks and tags to help you get started right now. With more than a hundred templates built by the Templana team and industry experts, you can find everything you need to work with a Scrum team, check your website SEO, organize a website launch, setup a meeting agenda, and more.
Share Asana projects with non-Asana users
With three-dots, you can now share an Asana project with non-Asana users. For any given Asana project, an always up-to-date webpage is created. You can share this page with anyone. You can customize its content and style, and the content of the page can be integrated directly into your own website, making part of your content editable in Asana. This project has been discontinued.
The most complete Asana's experts directory

The goal of Asana Experts is to encourage interactions within the Asana Community. An expert is someone using Asana to work (designer, developer, virtual assistant) or mastering Asana (consultant, coach). Developed as the first Asana micro Incubator project by Paul Mayer.

Asana2Go is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to copy, export (CSV for Excel and Google Sheets, JSON), and print (or save to PDF) from Asana flexibly. To see what it can do, and how to use it, watch this video. Released by Larry Berger with assistance of Asana micro Incubator project.

Heroes on demand is a virtual assistant service for Asana. Save time, delegate tasks in your Asana to real assistants from the team!


Become an Asana superhero (cape not included)
Become an Asana superhero will help you become the Asana superhero you always dreamed to become. Learn tips and tricks about Asana for personal use, send tasks by email, deal with overwhelming situations, organize tasks and projects etc.
Do Better With Asana
Do Better with Asana is great if you’ve been looking to get more out of Asana–whether you have just added it to your productivity toolbox or have been using it for a lengthy period of time—this guide is going to be a valuable resource. We’re passionate about productivity, and we’re passionate about Asana. We wanted to distill those passions into something that will help people just like you power up their productivity and level up their lives as a result. We know Asana can help you do that...and Do Better With Asana will help you do that even better. This book has been unpublished.


Asana micro incubator

The Asana micro incubator is a place where all innovative projects around Asana are born, like Asana Experts. Motivated developers can join the incubator and work with me on new projects.


The Templana private templates solution has just saved me hundreds of hours of manual entry. It also allows us to present a very professional approach when on boarding our new customers onto Asana. Bastien, thanks so much for your help on this. It’s brilliant.
Ryan Castle – Director –
Templana is a must see to get ideas on how to organize your stuff.
Celso Fernandes
I am an avid Asana user and since I discovered Templana a few months ago I was amazed at how useful yet simple it is!
Tadas Labudis
Templana provides the perfect combination of Asana, which together are the perfect combo for a successful project. Entrepreneurs – follow your dreams!
Johan Lindberg
Templana adds so much value to Asana!
Matt Brender
I find Templana a major resource to complement Asana. Great idea!
Amir O.
I’m a recently new Asana user and was able to get a lot of useful productivity tips from "Become an Asana superhero". Each chapter is illustrated with a real life example that everybody can relate to easily which helps adopting the tips and tricks presented. I only wished I had read it earlier so as to not miss out on all the nice ideas from the beginning of my Asana’s experience ! I would recommend this book to anyone feeling they are not getting every drop of juice out of Asana. That for sure will help them to squeeze out the last few drops !
"Become an Asana superhero" is a great guide if you are beginning your journey with Asana — it gives you insight into an Asana expert’s experience, all that you can do with Asana, and bits of advice, all with a touch of humor. It doesn’t stop there though — the expert cares about your experience and your voice, and wants to take you along for the ride.
Soon after I first started using Asana, the name Bastien Siebman kept coming up, and with good reason. Not only is he the genius behind the Templana website, which I recommend to all clients using Asana, but he also wrote the book “Do Better With Asana”, which I also recommend to all clients. So when Bastien asked me if I would look over the early copy of his new book, I was honoured and accepted right away. The new book “Become an Asana Superhero” takes over from where the first book left off, and goes into more advanced ways to use Asana to improve productivity and reduce working time. The book is divided into sections, like “Methods and best Practices”, the intriguing “Allies and Enemies”, and finally “Go Further”. Each section has many chapters, with examples both from real life, and from the life of Gotham, so it is a great read even if you weren’t an Asana fan, but if you have already read Bastien’s first book and want to take Asana to the next level, this book is a must-read, it will make you an Asana superhero!
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